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About Us

Wuhan Jin Hesheng Engineering Limited is specialists fired clay products, is specialized in consulting, design, supply, construction, commissioning, and post-production of clay brick production lines to solve problems。

Not used for other equipment and furnaces suppliers, thanks to a team of experts with top Chinese industry, we have the preliminary design plan as a brick-making enterprise is to succeed the main factors. The most successful product lines but also because the industry each copy plagiarism, all the work to the equipment manufacturing enterprises, the lack of overall design considerations of local conditions after too much emphasis on the device itself and the device is often the least important of clay brick production line the same products。

We pay more attention to the orientation of your location, the environment, the way all the raw materials and workers to operate and the type of product you need. Depending on your different factors above to design a only part of your exclusive product line, you configure the device for each of your product (which may be based on your needs better mixing raw material or twisted or broken and so on, until no one currently in product suitable for all kinds of raw material world), our own business timely and accurate site sends to your cargo according to progress of the project, and then send a qualified personal supervision of experienced engineers work to make the design without any text into industry artwork errors, after earning more powerful line into more profitable for you. We will put the best professionals at different stages of different types sent to your plant for you. Ensure that you buy not only products, services and more at ease.

Choose us, select professional, choose carefree。