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Assign the particular team to factory-planned site to survey and evaluate the whole environment. Provide the scientific advice for the planned site selection.。



Basing on provided essential local production means, local market factors, we will supply a referential, professional, actual Feasibility Report. And the specialized person will make the financial report in case requirement of any financial support from any bank or investor.



Clay, Shale, and other raw material physicochemical index test, Actual environment simulation combustion test, helps to know the feasible of the raw material and the suitable product type.

Fuel heat volume test, suggest for fuel adding quantity and ratio of mixing.


Just tell us what you want to do, your local climate, raw materials, fuel, and work habits, we'll design your most personalized, rationalization of production process to lay a solid foundation for your smooth production plant. Always remember, stylized copy factory pattern will not achieve a very successful enterprise.



While we have our own production facilities, we never use all of our own equipment for all production phase. We guarantee that each device is the most professional, but not the most expensive. The cost performance is not best by using most expensive machinery from top brand machine manufacturer what does not conform to the principle of maximizing benefits.

We will accord your strength and planning process to customize suitable production line.

Our mission is supplying you the machine and follow-up services which will not be bought from any of factory.



We provide two types of service for this construction, main engineer guidance and overall engineering technician team. (the first one is that we offer only one or two engineers to guide the supervision of the entire factory construction. The second is that we offer all kiln construction technicians, in addition to other types of unskilled laborer). Specifically according to your local skilled workers availability to decide the way to go. We recommend first because of visas, work conditions and others may increase your construction cost.



Whether you are in our early customers, or if you have a different supplier or contractor, when your plant construction and installation is completed, we will provide you with professional commissioning service and trial operation, so you can earliest plant the first successful production and obtain a return. We will provide you the most front-line experience technicians’ operation team to serve you.



No matter whether you are our earlier customers, we will provide you with two-way training services. That is, we can send rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience engineers to the factory for your training. You can also send your staff to China for such training. With respect to the former, the latter reducing training costs a lot.



Whether you wish us to be your supplier or contractor, as an industry professional company, we are willing to act as your advisor from the initial design to the product, supplier selection, kilns and other companies choose to stand on your point of view to provide you with recommendations. The whole process we only work as your consultants involved, we will work with any potential supplier in your products and engineering without any conflicting interests . We will not ask you to choose the device or on behalf of any suppliers or partners, we only put each potential vendor strengths and weaknesses of them, give you reasonable suggestions so that you can purchase for products, choose professional work team. We can also participate in the entire design-to-test operation supervision services as a professional one checking for each level.